Instagram 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Instagram 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the way to add security to Instagram account . The only way to enjoy Instagram is to secure and protect account online. Over billions of hackers and intruders are hacking peoples or users account . Please do yourself good to set up or enable 2 factor authentication . Instagram 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account .

My university friend Charles told me how an outsider accessed his Instagram account . He complained to me badly , and i felt for him. I made a concrete research on to secure and protect Instagram account . Fortunately , i bumped into two factor authentication and i discovered its only way to add extra layer of protection to Instagram.

I told my friend Charles about it and he set it up from this step and guide . It really worked for him , since then no more complain about people accessing his account online. Only way to secure your own Instagram account is to set up and turn on Instagram two factor authentication .

Two steps verification or two factor authentication are the same thing . They both comes in if you are done login or signing to IG Account . But if set it up from this guidelines , it will start working automatically . A code will be sent in order to use to verify account . Please enter the code correctly .

Instagram  is a known American photo and video-sharing social media platform . IG is owned and controlled by Facebook . Through IG one can advertise their business or company . Send and receive text can be done . Add quality security account online . Follow this guideline accordingly .

Instagram 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

  1. Access or login with your normal information .
  2. Go straight to your profile and click on the Settings.
  3. Click on the Security and move down and click on TwoFactor Authentication.
  4. Click on next to Authentication App, click  Set Up Manually.
  5. Click on Copy Key which is down the Instagram key side of the page and copy it to paste it in your authentication app , either Duo Mobile or as well Google Authenticator for example .
    • Note this : You should try to copy key code to that your personal clipboard, from there , take a screenshot of it, or put in a way once you can not access code, immediately you have finished setting it up.
  6. Then on your account is connect to authentication app on the page , copy all 6-digit code authentication app registered .
  7. Access the back to Instagram app, click on Next button and paste 6-digit code to enable it . Am sure its done to start enjoying security online .

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