Microsoft 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Microsoft 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to add extra layer of security to Microsoft account online . For any who is using Microsoft account and wants to secure it , the person should set up or enable two factor authentication from this step and guide . Over billions of hackers are looking for a way to access your Microsoft account , only way to secure it is to enable or turn two steps verification .

Also , two factor authentication can be called Two-step verification . It helps to protect and hinders users by making it hard for another person to signing or login to Microsoft account online . It makes use of two different way in order to verify your identity . Both your password, and some contact way . Good thing about this , even when someone or intruders gets your password , they can not access it . Two factor authentication will stops it .

Once you turn on or setup two-step verification on Microsoft , you’ll instantly get security code to either email, phone, or your authenticator app each other you access account online , on any device which is not your own . If someone wants to access or login to Microsoft account , that is unauthorized attempt , two steps verification stops it .

Microsoft Corporation  is a very known and popular American multinational technology. This company headquarter is situated at Redmond, Washington DC USA . Microsoft deals on developing , manufacturing , offering licenses, some other good supports. Since it establishment , all their customer are giving good account of their product . They produce and sells some other  consumer electronics , personal computers, computer software etc .

In case you have an account with them , secure and protect it from this step and guide . Two-step verification starts with email address and also phone number, or you can use an authenticator app for it.  See how to set up or enable it .

Microsoft 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

  1. Go or visit  Security basics on the page .
  2. Sign in with your normal Microsoft account on the page .
  1. Select or choose More security from the option side .
  2. Down side of the page , check Two-step verification, choose or select Set up two-step verification  so as to turn it on for usage , or you can as well choose Turn off two-step verification . In case you want to turn it off or disable it .
  3. Just follow instructions from the page. Am sure it will be enabled for you to start using it to access account with another device .

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Then as part of setting up or enabling this Microsoft account, you’ll be uttered a given QR code so as to use it to scan with your own device . This is one way or platform Microsoft ensure you are in a rightful possession of the device which you are installing or adding to the Authenticator app .

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