Azure 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Azure 2-Factor Authentication Set up is good for any who is running the Microsoft App. Its a platform created and enabled in order to add security to Azure apple online . Microsoft Azure is really good and only way to enjoy it service is to add security and protection when using it . Secure and protect Azure from this step and guide .

Two factor authentication is also known as two steps verification. It comes when you signing or login to Azure account online. Also its known as Multi factor authentication , it has to do with adding and enabling more than one security to your account online . Do yourself good to enable it so that no one will able to access your account without your permission .

To set up or turn on end user experience for all Azure Multi-Factor Authentication or two steps verification , you can set it up from the options for enabling account checkout hackers , intruders or fraud text and notifications. Have it in mind , some other settings are set in the Azure portal or homepage for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and also a separate Azure Multi-Factor Authentication place .

User can select verification methods which are available for all users in service settings page. When any users get to their accounts for Azure two factor authentication , they will select or choose preferred verification platform from option place which the user have enabled or set up . All the necessary guidance for user enrollment way is made available in the Set up for two-step verification.

Microsoft Azure which is popularly known as Azure . It is a cloud computing service or platform that is formed by Microsoft for all necessarily building, deploying,testing, and some other managing applications including services via Microsoft-managed data centers.  All this services will be enjoyed when you secure account online with two factor authentication from this guide .

Azure 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

  1. Go to with your normal information .
  2. Go , look for and choose  Azure Active Directory .
  3. Tap or click  Users.
  4. Choose the  Multi-Factor Authentication.
  5. From the down side of the page , see Multi-Factor Authentication, tap on the  service settings.
  6. From the page , see Service Settings page, from the verification options side , select the one which you want from the page.
  7. Tap on the Save.

Also that  remember two-Factor Authentication lets you to bypass verification’s for all a specified number of time when login , after you have signed-in to any device by using Multi-Factor Authentication or two steps verification . It enhances or enables usability by down falling number of way you have to work on MFA .

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