POF 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

POF 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to secure and protect the online dating service from outsiders . It feels good to keep your information or conversation private . All Plenty of Fish online dating site or app users need to add or set up two factor authentication in order to keep and secure their account from hackers . POF 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account .

The first dating site i created account with was POF . It really helped me because it broaden my eyes , my dating experience was from Plenty of Fish dating platform . POF has premium all over the world . Only problems  or challenge account owners are facing is that people access or penetrate their account to read their personal conversation , which is really wrong . Two factor authentication is also called two steps verification .

All American , Canadian  , New Zealand , Brazil , Spain , Australia and more single has an account with POF .  Once you create  or register with POF ,  am sure your life wont be the same . You will meet amazing singles for dating , relationship , marriage or friendship . Everything is there , all depends on what you want .  As you are access or signing to POF , secure and protect account online through this step and guide .

Plenty of Fish is an amazing  Canadian online dating service. The dating platform has premium all over the world .  Its popular in Canada , United States of America , some great United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain ,  Ireland, Australia,, Brazil .  POF works and has over nine languages. Add or enable two factor authentication in order to enjoy the dating site to the last call .

How to Set up Two Factor Authentication on PLENTY OF FISH DATING SERVICE

  1.  Go or login to normal account through https://www.pof.com/login
  2. Put your normal phone number:
    • Select  your country . It appears on the drop down side of the page . This will just complete your country code from left hand side of the page .
    • Put your normal phone number . Enter it inside  empty box on right hand side of the page . Please try not to add 0 before number. It can come after the number .
  3. Click on Next  so as to apply for a code.
  4. Put  6-digit code  which POF sent to you phone number as  SMS.  Do not give anyone the code sent to you . It should be kept private and personal to your account .

Just know users account and personal profile should be kept secure and protected . You can only enjoy dating when your account is highly secured and protected from people . Okcupid , eHarmony , Match.com etc are all good dating services that you can only enjoy if your conversations are kept secret and tight from intruders .

Plenty of Fish dating service offers or gives a premium services as one  of their upgraded or latest  membership thing, you can easily “liked” or dislike another user on the service . Nice features MeetMe there for fun anytime and its free to use .  It allow users to view  either  a message has been viewed or deleted at the same time .  Enjoy all these features and qualities with strong security .

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