Discord 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Discord 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to add extra layer of security to your Discord account online . Please know that tons or over billions of people are out there looking for a way to login to your discord account without your permission . Add quality of security after reading down the post and page . Discord 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account .

Two factor authentication is really good for anyone who is making use of this Application . Discord account users or owners are really complaining on how people or intruders are accessing their various account online . When you set up Two factor authentication from this step and guide , be rest assured that no one will be able to login to that account with one information like password or username  .

It requires two steps for it to work . That is why some people calls it two steps verification . It comes in when you are done accessing your account online .  Two-Factor Authentication or multi factor authentication is a nice  way to add extra layer of security to your personal Discord account to be sure only you have ability to create or log in.  Its also called multi factor authentication .

Discord is a good and popular proprietary freeware VoIP application .  It includes  a digital working service coordinated or modified for creating communities working from gamers to all educational and some necessary businesses. Discord  app or services deals in  image, text , video and some other  audio communication . It works between users in a chat channel platform . Discord app can work in all strong devices like   macOS, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux etc .

How to Set up Two Factor Authentication on Discord

  1. Go to Discord account login page with available information . Click https://discord.com/channels/@me
  2. Tap on small “gear” icon  which close to your username on  bottom left.
  3. From the next page , tap on the blue button which reads “Enable TwoFactor Auth
  4. After that pop-up window will now show for you to scan QR Code with Authy app.
  5. Make sure you capture QR Code.
  6. Tap  “Scan QR Code” and make sure you hold  device up to the computer screen.
  7. Authy App will select  the Discord logo.
  8. Confirm it’s by tapping  “Done”
  9. Going back  to the Discord service , put numerical token in a good field.
  10. If you are done , tap  “Activate.

How to Restore or Recover Deleted Discord Account

  1.  Go to your account online .
  2.  Get a dialog box showing you know account is pending deletion .
  3.  Tap  Restore Account and  account will be restored back and am sure you’ll be back in your account .

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