OpenVPN 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

OpenVPN 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the nice for anyone making use of this platform . OpenVPN users should secure their personal , organisation and company account with two factor authentication . This guide is really nice because you are damn sure no one will be able to access or sign in to your account without your knowledge or permission .

Most foreign organisation or company who have an account with OpenVPN is seriously complaining on how hackers or outsiders access or penetrate their organisation without their knowledge .  Google two factor authentication add extra layer of security to owners account .  Their tons of way to add protection to OpenVPN account .  If you follow up this guide , be rest assured your account will be highly protected .

Tons of questions has been answered base on adding extra layer of protection to OpenVPN account via pfsense , two factor authentication yubikey , ubuntu , all these questions are really common once you set up or enable two factor authentication from this procedure .

Over millions of people who are making use of OpenVPN are badly emphasis on how their information are not kept secret and save . Its good to have your information saved and secured . Two factor authentication has done great in order to make this things to work out . Only advice i will give to you is to enable it after reading up this post .  Its also called two steps verification’s because it comes in when you are done accessing account online .

OpenVPN is a nice and  open-source of  commercial software .  OpenVPN  implements  and works on virtual private network (VPN) ways so as  to create or enable secure point-to-point or site-to-site platform in a nice  routed or  as well bridged configurations  process ,including remote login facilities.

How to Set up or Enable Two Factor Authentication  Duo on OpenVPN

  1. Login or create an account  for a Duo account.
  2. Connect  to Duo Admin Panel  on the page .
  3. Locate to  Applications side on the page . 
  4. Tap Protect an App .
  5.  Go to the entry for an OpenVPN in  applications place .
  6. Tap on Protect to far-right corner so as to configure or set up application , including  getting  your integration key or tap , some other secret key,  via a API hostname. Atleast You’ll need all this details so  to complete setup. Check out  Protecting Applications for more gist relating to protecting apps in Duo and some other application sides .
  7. Tap on download Duo OpenVPN v2.4 package from duo_openvpn GitHub side on the page .
  8. Try to make sure that  Python 3 or 2.7 is already downloaded or  installed on OpenVPN server.

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