Gemini 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Gemini 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to add extra layer of security to your Gemini account .  From this page one will be able to set up and enable two factor authentication so as to secure and protect account online .  Add more security to your signing process so that no hacker or intruder will be able to access account .

Over dozens or tons of people who are using Gemini are seriously complaining on how their account is been hacked or accessed without their consent or permission .   Two-factor authentication (2FA) , also known as two steps verification is a secondary or  good security measure so as to verify ones  identity before logging or  signing-in Gemini account . The company enacted a mandatory 2FA policy in order to ensure quality extra security  foraccount.

Have it mind that, Gemini gives 2FA through the means of  Authy, SMS, including via hardware security keys via WebAuthn for connections . Since it establishment all their users are giving good account of how it works for them . Gemini let their  customers know if they will decide to roll  any form of verification or authentication for 2FA.  Gemini also unable or disable 2FA for any user account if the person choose to .

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a nice platform of confirming a user’s  identity by getting  a combination of  different identity .  2FA at Gemini is powered  and controlled by Authy 2FA API.  This shows  you use free Authy app to approves  2FA token and also your login to Gemini.

In order to enable or set up 2FA with Gemini, begin by Installing Authy   on the  device by linking for it in device’s app store platform  .  Please do yourself good to set up or enable two factor authentication on Gemini account from this step and guide .  Gemini is a very popular  digital currency exchange service via custodian which gives customers room to sell, buy, store digital assets etc .

How to Set up or Enable Two Factor Authentication on Gemini


  1. Go to the Authy app that you downloaded from this page . You will get Gemini token ,  if you get it , put both name and email when Gemini account setup.
  2. See or check  your Authy token number .
  3. Put  that number into field provided on Gemini.

Also know that Authy or Gemini does not send or give  SMS message with  code for Gemini; the code will be restored from Authy app.  In case you are not receiving SMS so as to confirm the code .  The device authentication code normally  defaults to sending SMS. Try to make sure  you are in a location with nice service and that device  you are using  is able to get SMS messages.   In case you are not getting code come via few times .   Request another code again .

For anyone who is asking about gemini exchange , gemini 2fa google authenticator , authy please check your internet connection , authy desktop , authy backup password , all these questions will be answered  by tapping on the link or . 

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