Humble Bundle 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Humble Bundle two-factor authentication set up is the only way to secure and protect your video game account. There are over billions of people who are a game lover that wants to access your account. Enable two-factor authentication from this page so as to secure and protect the account online.  It is also called 2 steps verification or multi-factor authentication. Humble Bundle 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account.

This company, Humble Bundle is a well recognized and known digital storefront for nice video games. They began out of its first series giving of Humble Bundles, wonderful collections of video games sold at a good price that is determined by the purchaser including a portion of the price going to both charity and game developers. Please in case you have an account with them, secure and add an extra layer of security from this guide.

All my friends have this game with them.  The only problem they are all facing is that people or hackers come in to access their account online with their permission or consent. It was because of this, I had to make concrete research on how to secure account, luckily I bumped into two-factor authentication, also known as two steps verification. It worked for me and my friends, set up, or enable your account from this step and guide.

Two-Step Verification helps to add an extra layer of protection to your Humble Bundle account from any potential threats or unauthorized by asking additional access to account . It comes in when you are done entering your normal email address and also password, then Humble bundle you will be seeking for a token that is created via Google Authenticator.

How to Set up Two Steps Verification on Humble Bundle


  1.  Go to your Humble Bundle account.
  2.  Go to your Account Settings page.
  3.  Move down close to the bottom.  Go to “Two Step Verification“.
  4.  Tap on it.  It’s done for you to start enjoying.

How to Set up Google Authenticator on Humble Bundle

  1. Go to your Humble Bundle account.
  2. Go to your Account Settings page
  3. From the downside of the page,  go to the “Two-Step Verification”.
  4. Tap on Google Authenticator
  5. Put your password so as to verify the account if asked. You will then view the screen.
  6. Download the Google Authenticator app on your any device you are using like Android or iOS device through here  Google Play / iOS App Store.
  7. Connect to the application.
  8. Tap on the button in the upper right corner.
  9. Clarify your Two-Step Verification by –
    1. Entering code manually
      1. Putting the email address of the Humble Bundle account, the key that is shown.
    2. You can Scan QR code
      1. Then after scanning code, your  Humble Bundle account email address should at least pop up or show automatically on the page.
  10. If the account is already added to the app, you may view it listed option. Just try to use the code present and put it inside the “Put the six-digit code displayed by your app” section, so as to complete linking account.
  11. Congrats, You’re done! am sure from that step, a Codes will proceed to cycle. That code will show in the app will just be the one that you can use to access, signing, or log into your account.

How to Remove Two Steps Verification on Humble Bundle


  1. Go back to your normal Humble Bundle Account Settings page.
  2. Move down to the bottom so as to remove or wipe your 2FA from the same place.

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