Etsy 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Etsy 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to secure and protect your Etsy account online. They are people out there, looking for a way to access or login to your account online. Set up and secure your Etsy account from this step and guide. Enable two-factor authentication from this page for more security. Etsy 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security and protection to your Etsy account. When you login or sign in to from this guide with two-factor authentication activated, be rest assured that you will put your password including your confirmation code that will be sent to your phone or device.

One can easily login or connect an authenticator app or put a phone number so as to get calls or texts. One can use the same very app or as well as the phone number on different types. You can admit to getting the code either –

  • Authenticator app
  • Text message
  • Voice call

Then, Etsy or two-factor authentication will now need you to get the code, anytime you sign in with a different browser or device, or every 30 days. You’ll also need to put that code in support of your password anytime you are accessing or login into account online.

All my friends who are customers or users of this American company are complaining about how their account is been hacked or accessed by another person. Ever since I introduced them to two-factor authentication, also known as two steps verification, they are now fully sure their accounts are highly secured and protected. Join them now!

Etsy is a well known and recommended an American e-commerce website or platform.  Their primarily focused and deals on handmade or vintage items including craft supplies.  Know that these products go under a wide coverage of categories like jewelry, bags materials, good clothing, some other home décor and amazing furniture, art, children’s toys, craft supplies, including tools.

Please know that any Etsy vintage items normally go to least 20 years old. The site or platform also follows in the tradition of amazing open craft fairs.  In case you are in America or any parts of the world, get connected to Etsy, and create an account with them and secure it from this service or platform known as two-factor authentication.

How to Set up or Enable Two Factor Authentication on Etsy

  1. Download and install an authenticator app on the phone that you are using or equally tablet. Etsy will advise you to use Google Authenticator on it, that you can now use to download and install from  App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. On your available web browser, connect to> Account > Account Settings > Security.
  3. Toggle or access  Authenticator App.
  4. Tap on the Next.
  5. Go to your Authenticator App, from there you can now follow instructions in the app so as to enter a new account.
  6. You can now scan the QR code with the use of your authenticator app.
  7. Put your code from the authenticator app into the textbox which is beneath the QR code.
  8. Tap on the Next.
  9. You can save those backup codes, which were made available in a safer place. Also, you can now use these in case you manage to lose your phone or device.
  10. Tap on the Close.

Any time you sign in or connect to Etsy, you may now be asked for confirmation code. Go to your authenticator app.  Am sure from this step and guide, one will be able to set up or enable two-factor authentication from this guide.

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