HubSpot 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

HubSpot 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to secure and protect your Hubspot account online. There are over thousands of people who have an account with Hubspot, their only complaint is that people or hackers come online to access their account without their permission or consent. Do yourself good to read down the page to secure and protect your Hubspot account with two-factor authentication.

This amazing company offers and gives two-factor authentication (2FA) through different ways to secure your account from any unauthorized logins or signing process with another device. Two-factor authentication provides and offers 2FA through any device you are using to access or connect to them.  Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) means two different platforms of verification will be needed to log in to or connect Hubspot account- password and mobile phone.

Good thing about Two-factor authentication on Hubspot, it stops and hinders any bad attempt or unauthorized attempt on your account with another service. Once you set up or enable two-factor authentication from this guide, anyone who wants to access your account with another device, a question will be asked and the questions are what you already know.

SMS Authentication PIN is a popular feature used in Two Factor Authentication. In addition to your username/password routines, SMS Authentication PINs are increasing internet security and protection standards. Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Google, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp all two Facto authentication to secure account online.

The Benefits of Two Factor Authentication on Hubspot

  • Fraud defense
  • Identity authentication
  • Cost-effective security
  • Easy integration
  • Simplifying the user experience

HubSpot is a popular and recommended American developer and also a marketer of software services. The deals and focuses on sales, marketing, including customer service. The company was founded and enacted by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in the year 2006. Its services aim is to provide and offers tools for all customer relationship management, live chat, customer support, lead generation, web analytics, social media marketing, content management, search engine optimization, etc.

How to Set up Two Factor Authentication on Hubspot

  1. With your browser. Go to Hubspot account with your normal information HUBSPOT LOGIN. 
  2. Tap on the settings icon settings, that is in the main navigation bar.
  3. From your left sidebar menu, go to Account Defaults.
  4. From the Security section on the General Info, tap so as to toggle needed TwoFactor Authentication (2FA) switch on.
  5. From the dialog box, tap on the Yes.Immediately you enabled or set it up, your account will immediately get an email and also an in-app notification to set up two-factor authentication.
    • For anyone who already has set up or enabled, the two-factor authentication feature will be reminded to generate or create back-up codes.
    • For anyone who has not set up or turn on their two-factor authentication feature can set it up through a CTA in the email or via a prompt in the notification side of the page. HubSpot service will then step the user via increasing their mobile device to the various accounts.


Its also called two steps verification or multi-factor authentication. It comes in anytime you login or signing to your account.

How to Set up or Install Authy Two Factor Authentication


  1. Download and install the Authy app from the App Store on your available Device.
  2. You can now launch the Authy app.
  3. From there, the app will now launch with Set-Up screen.
  4. Put your country code, phone number and any service/Hubspot email.
  5. Choose how you get your token- SMS or Phone Call.
  6. In case you ask to verify your identity by authorizing the prompted from different Authy devices you’re using.
  7. You can now view  “Hubspot or any other service” in the Authy app down your 2FA accounts.

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