BitPay 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

BitPay 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to secure and add an extra layer of security to your BitPay account online. Millions of people who are doing online business with BitPay are seriously complaining about how their account was hacked and access even with their password. From this page, no one will be able to access your account once you set up 2-factor authentication from this guide.

Two Factor authentication can also be called 2 steps verification. Most people call it multi-factor authentication. It comes in anytime you are done accessing or logging to account with normal information. If you set up two-factor authentication from this step and guide, be rest assured no one will be able to access or login to your account even with your password.

For any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device, two-factor authentication stops and hinders it from taking. If the person logs in with another device, a code will be asked and that code is one that was sent when you are setting or enabling two-factor authentication. Try to keep the code secret and safe too.

BitPay is a well known and recommended Bitcoin payment platform. The company provides Bitcoin online services to interested persons. BitPay headquarter is situated and located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Since it enactment tons of people have become rich from their amazing services.   It was founded and enacted in the year May 2011 by American popular Millionaire Tony Gallippi and also Stephen Pair. BitPay provides and offers extensively Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processing work for all available merchants.

Here are Benefits of Two Factor Authentication on BitPay

  • Simplifying user experience
  • The account will only be limited to one authorized user
  • Increased account security
  • Fraud defense
  • Identity authentication
  • Cost-effective security
  • Earnings and TuneCore balance will be well secured and protected
  • Easy integration

How to Setup Or Enable Two Factor Authentication on BitPay Account Online

  1.  Go and download Google Authenticator App from Google Play Store here
  2.  You can now login to your BitPay merchant account . With your normal information.
  3.  Choose your username > User Settings.
  4.  Choose Edit on the page, it comes in the Security settings.
  5.  You will then view a screen that is showing a QR code for the unique authentication key.
  6.  Go to the Google Authenticator app and you can now scan provided QR code. This will generate a Google Authenticator code in the available Google Authenticator app.
  7.  Put the Google Authenticator code inside the BitPay dashboard.
  8.  Tap on Enable. It is done already.

How to Disable Two Factor Authentication on BitPay Account Online

One can easily use one of the backup codes which should have been downloaded to the device you are using, used when 2FA was set up to gain another access to the account.

In case you lose these codes, contact or call with your normal email address close with your merchant account and see for BitPay to disable 2-Factor Authentication. For more security reasons, BitPay will now fillup an identity verification way before they will remove 2FA from that account. Then you can be able to log back into the account and re-enable 2FA.

To set up 2FA on another device for BitPay merchant account, kindly go to the following link:

How to Remove User from Your BitPay Account

  1. Login or go to your normal BitPay merchant
  2. The next thing is to the access icon, tap on the Settings.
  3. You can now tap on the Users (
  4. Tap on the arrow that is next to the individual user you want to wipe away from your own merchant account.
  5. From the top-right corner of the page
  6. Tap on the Remove User. From this step and guide, all these will be done.

For more information on this, go to

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