Faceit 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Faceit 2-Factor Authentication Set up is the only way to add an extra layer of security to your Faceit account. Once you set up or enable two-factor authentication from this guide, be rest assured no one will be able to access or log in to your account without your permission. Google Authenticator will now secure and protect the account from the second person.

Two-factor authentication is a platform set out in order to use and secure account online on Faceit. Faceit online video game is really nice and amazing but the only challenge is that hackers or people are accessing people’s accounts without their permission. Two steps verification is another name for it. Most people call it multi-factor authentication.

Anytime you enable or set up two-factor authentication, you add an extra layer of protection and security to your Faceit account. Each time you sign in or log in with something else that you know like password and a passcode created by Google Authenticator will be prompted. This keeps and adds hackers out and such accounts will be safe and well secure!

Faceit is a well and popular production service and also an independent company for known professional competitions, it deals with online multiplayer video games. The was enacted and created in England, London precisely in the year 2012. Faceit has been administrating and working on nice e-sports leagues on video games, like Global Offensive, Counter-Strike, Tom Clancys Raincy Six Siege, League of Legends, Rocket League and DOTA 2.

For anyone who wants to 2FA on their account, they will need to download and install the Google Authentication App on the phone for either Android or iOS.   You can get through this platform Android Download or iOS Download  .  One should also know it is a nice suggestion to enable the account on the app during the time you start the process of putting the 2FA on the FACEIT account to ensure and secure it is very seamless.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Faceit

Anytime you have downloaded the app on your phone, choose “Turn On” and you can now follow the on-screen pop up’s to set up an account with two-factor authentication.

  • Select the type of phone.
  • The select region you are.
  • Put your phone number.
  • Connect to your Google Authentication app.
  • Choose “Set up account” and then you can now follow the on-screen guide (in case you are using the app, click on  “+” which appears on the bottom right corner).
  • You can now scan the bar code.
  • The app will then offer a 6 digit code to confirm your account online.
  • Put the [asscode and Faceit will verify and confirm the code.

For Anyone Who Can’t Receive The Bar Code to scan

  • Select “Cant scan it?”
  • Choose “Set up account” and follow the guide on the page  (in case you are using the app, click “+” which appears on the bottom right corner).
  • Then choose “add” and from there, app will create a code.
  • Click the next button on the pop up window.
  • Put the code.
  • Faceit will now verify the code.

How to Disabling or Updating 2-Factor Auth / Backup Codes

To Remove or Update Phone information

You can now get a new phone number or feel extra secure with the current password. Select the “Edit” option on the Account Security page.

  • A pop-up will now show where you can select “Remove” or “Change phone”
  • In case you wipe, your number will be removed from your own FACEIT account and 2FA will be deleted too.
  • If you select to change the phone number you will ask to put your new number on the account and you can now save.

If you want to Generate Backup Codes

  • Select to see codes from your own security settings page
  • You are now free to verify code from the google authentication app as to see these codes.
  • Immediately you have put the code and Faceit will now verify your own account the backup codes will be shown and will display the ones have been used.
  • You are free to generate or create new codes, download and install it, or print it.

For more information on this, go to https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000254670 or https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000254730-Disabling-Updating-2-Factor-Auth-and-Backup-Codes

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