DreamHost 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

DreamHost 2-Factor Authentication is to add an extra layer of security to your DreamHost website hosting platform. In case you host a site through Dreamhost, do yourself good to secure and protect the account with Two-factor authentication. Its also called 2 steps verification or multi-factor authentication.

Two Factor Authentication is the fancy feature that happens when you log in to a website or dashboard. It comes in anytime you are done identifying yourself with both username/email address, the site now be prompted for one piece of data so as to authenticate the account which is your password.

2 steps verification or multifactor Authentication carries this to a higher level and seeks additional information to successfully or well authenticate you. These additional items or things go more than something you know. This is not your normal password or email address. For you to authenticate your account through Two-factor authentication you need to know apart from your password and email address, an extra code will be required and the account will be given anytime you are setting it up.

In case someone or hackers wants to access your website with another device, two-factor authentication will stop and hinders it from taking place. A passcode will be required or needed in order to connect or login to the DreamHost account. Without the code, you can not be able to access or signing to your account. The only will be sent it, either as a text message or through a phone call to the number you inserted.

Most of my friends really love this Hosting service. There were ones who convinced me to host my first site on DreamHost. It was great and amazing, their services are really good. One day I woke up and discovered I can not access my dashboard or website again. Hacker has invented it and cause some malicious things to it. The reason was that I so much rely on my password and email. That was the greatest mistake. Ever since introduced myself to two-factor authentication, am sure no one can access my dashboard again.

DreamHost is a well known and approved American-based web hosting provider platform.  They host domain and some other hosting services. DreamHost is owned and controlled by New Dream Network, LLC. The company was founded and enacted in the year 1996 by Josh Jones, Dallas Bethune, Michael Rodriguez, and Sage Weil. All of them were friends from school days.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on DreamHost

  1. Go to the “Security” page (Panel > “Billing & Account” > “Security”). …
  2. Put both your DreamHost account password in the “Current Password” box.
  3. Tap on the dropdown menu to decide which of the two Google multifactor authentication platform you’d like to use:
  4. Tap on the “Get Started” button.
  5. . You can now use the Google Authenticator App so as to scan the QR code.

    • In case your device does not have a good camera, you can put manually 16-digit Secret Key displayed down the QR code into the app.

    • Then in case you have over one device running Google Authenticator, try to scan the QR code or put the key on every device you want to use or control with DreamHost online.

    6. If the Google Authenticator app shows a 6-digit passcode, put “Passcode” on the empty field.

    7. Tap on the “Activate!” button and DreamHost’s server will now be synced to the device you are using.  “Success!” will come out so to confirm it. For more information on this, go https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/216013917-Multifactor-Authentication-FAQs


How to Enable MFA in the panel for Google Authenticator

You need to download and install the app from here.

  1. Go to the Security page.
  2. Tap on the Get Started button.
  3. You are free to use the Google Authenticator app in order to scan the QR code.I
  4. If the Google Authenticator app shows a 6-digit passcode, please put it in the passcode empty field.
  5. Tap on the Activate! button. Am sure DreamHost’s server is already synced to your device.  For more information on this, go to  https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/215343108-How-to-use-the-Google-Authenticator-app-with-Multifactor-Authentication .

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