Joomla 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Joomla 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your Joomla login. The only way to secure and protect Joomla’s account is to set up or enable two-factor authentication from this step and guide. Over millions of people are complaining about the way hackers access or connect to their various accounts online. Setup 2FA from this guide.

From here users can secure accounts with Google Authenticator or Yubikey. These are two amazing ways to protect your login to Joomla’s account. Most of my friends around me who hosted their site through this platform are really questioning Joomla security. It was because of this, Joomla had to allow and enable two-factor authentication.

Anytime you log into a website, you have to provide or get both your username and your password so as to identify yourself to the system. But after providing this information, you need to enter a code for more verification, only time is required is when you log in or access account with another device.

The biggest challenge with this way is your username and password can be taken away without your consent or permission. This means and shows they can log into your site as you without you being aware. If your account username and password was guessed, secure, and protect account with two-factor authentication from this guide.

Another good thing about two-factor authentication it makes sure users data and information are really kept secrete and sacred. No one will be able to know users next intent. Everything will be highly covered from a second or third party. Its called 2 Steps verification or multi-factor authentication by some people. Reason it was given this name is that it comes anytime you re done accessing or log in online.

So as to prevent and hinder attackers on Joomla, Joomla! 3.2.0 and their later versions, come with a new built-in Two-Factor Authentication system that covers your site login with a another platform, single-use secret code.  Joomla is a well known and recommended free and open-source content management system. The company is known for publishing web nice content, and it also developed by Open Source Matters.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Joomla

You are to use Google Authenticator to set up or enable two-factor authentication on Joomla.  Google Authenticator is a known application for all smartphones and some other desktops created by Google. Also, it allows you to generate or create a six-digit security password that changes every 30 seconds.

  1. You need to download and Install Google Authenticator on the available smartphone or desktop.
  2. You are now free to see a QR Code so as to scan with a mobile phone with the available application of Google Authenticator that was downloaded and installed.
  3. You can now navigate and  Activate the Two-Factor Authenticator empty side and put the six-digit security code you can see it on the page of the smartphone device. Tap on Save & Close.
  4. Joomla site access is protected and secured by Two-Factor Authentication. You can also log out from your backend.

In case you don’t enter or put the secret code randomly, you won’t be able to connect or log in. Do it accordingly so no hacker or intruder will be able to access your account again.

How to Disable Two Factor Authentication on Joomla

  1. Log in or navigate to the Joomla Administrator with a secret key on the page,
  2. You can Disable the two-factor authentication plugin from Extensions > Plugins 
  3. Look for Two Factor, Disable the Two-factor Authentication plugin which is enabled. Am sure from this guide everything is already done.


In case You Do Not Have Access to Joomla Secret Key

For anyone who does not have access to the Administrator  or even the Administration panel of the website, maybe due to you have set up 2FA and now you can’t log in, please try to disable it through PHPMyAdmin

  1. Please go to your hosting account.
  2. log into or connect to PHPMyAdmin
  3. Get the table ending in  ‘_extensions’
  4. Get the plugin that is named plg_twofactorauth_totp and ‘enabled’ status from ‘1’ to ‘0’
  5. Tap on the Save.


How to Generate Joomla Secret Code

You cannot create or enact a Joomla secret key without login via the way of connecting a username with a particular Joomla Google Authenticator account.

Immediately you’ve been through this way, creating a secret key is very easy and fast. Connect the Authenticator from the phone, and check out the Secret Key that was enacted for the account.

Recall each key is only valid or available for 30 seconds only.


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