Blizzard 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Blizzard 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add and secure your Login to Blizzard account. There are over tons of people or hackers looking for a way to access or connect to your Blizzard account, the only way to secure and protect login is to add or set up two-factor authentication from this step and guide.

Am a game lover and I have an account with Blizzard. Only challenge am facing is anytime I create or register a new account with them, people, or outsider access my account without my permission or consent. It was because of the reason I had to look into a concrete way to secure account, luckily I bumped into two-factor authentication. It worked for me and friends too.

Its called 2 steps verification or multi-factor authentication. The reason for giving it this name is because it comes anytime you are logging to your Blizzard account. Most social media like Facebook, Instagram, Banks, Government agencies uses it to secure users’ account from the unauthorized attempt.

The Blizzard video game Authenticator offers and gives an extra layer of security for any unauthorized account access on up to other Blizzard different accounts.  Click Here Download BLIZZARD Authenticator

Anytime you are using Blizzard Mobile Authenticator, the company advises you to add Blizzard Phone Notifications. This is seen as a free service that allows users to easily wipe out an authenticator with the use of text message verification or another verification platform.  In case you log in to your normal Blizzard account, an authentication request is will be demanded to the device. If such code on the device goes with the one on the computer, click on Approve.

In case you login with the use of authenticator’s randomly-created numeric code, tap on Use Authenticator Security Code on the device. Then tap on the Enter code manually on the available device to create an authentication code. All of the code is different and valid for once. If the user chooses to put a code during login time, kindly go to the authenticator page in Blizzard Management, and consider Require an authenticator code.

If you log in frequently from the same device or computer, you are in a good position because you may be demanded an authenticator code during login process. It makes you access your account very easily and fast. Then you will then receive an authenticator that you did not intend, tap on Deny and change your own Blizzard account’s password.

Blizzard Entertainment is a well known and recommended American video game developer and also a game publisher. The company is based and situated in Irvine, California USA. They are known for making good games and since its establishment, all the players or users are giving good accounts of their services.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Blizzard

  1. Log in or connect to your account via
  2. Tap on Manage My Games . You are advised to go to Account Management on the page
  3. Move down to the account security place where you will get the data of the BATTLE.NET SMS secure.
  4. Tap on the “Add SMS Protect” button.
  5. Put the phone number that you want to use for authentication. 
  6. Tap on Continue.
  7. Then a verification code will now be sent to the phone as a text message. 
  8. Put that code into the empty field.
  9. Your Sign up process is already complete.

How to Get Blizzard Authenticator Code

Anytime you want to log in or connect online with the use of authenticator’s randomly-created numeric code, tap on Use Authenticator Security Code on the device or computer. Then put code on your device so as to generate an authentication code. All each code is totally and usable for once.

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