OneSpan 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

OneSpan 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to secure and protect your Onespan sign/login. There are tons of people or hackers looking for a way to access or penetrate your OneSpan account without your permission or consent. The only way to secure such an account is to enable tow facto authentication or multi-factor authentication from this step and guide.

Its also called 2 steps verification because you need to answer two sets of questions before accessing the account. Without answering or entering the two sets of questions, you can not access or connect to your OneSpan account. Those questions are things you already know.

For any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device two-factor authentication stops and hinders it from taking place. Even with the user password and username, you need to enter a code that will be sent during the time of setting it or authentication. Most social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter solely depends on it, so as to secure and add an extra layer of security to login.

OneSpan is a well popular publicly traded cybersecurity technology service. The company headquarter is based and situated in Chicago, Illinois in the USA. They also have offices in Brussels, Montreal, and places like Zurich. They offer a cloud-based and some other open architected secured platform, including background known for its 2 steps-verification and also its electronic signature software.

Here are Possible Factors of Authentication

  • this is something you already Knows
    It comes often a passphrase, password, PIN, or code. To make sure you satisfy this authentication challenge, you must get the data that corrects the answers before provided to the organization.
  • this is something you already have with you
    This has to do with putting a one-time password generated or created by a hardware authenticator. You can also carry an authentication that will create a one-time password. You are free to authenticate by getting this code such an organization.
  • This is something you are
    The third authentication factor or setup needs you to authenticate with the use of biometric data. This has to do with a facial scan, fingerprint, behavioral biometrics, etc.

How to Setup or Enable Two Factor Authentication on OneSpan

  1.  Sign in to your OneSpan account with normal information .
  2.  Then you will be prompted to authenticate your username and password. Follow up the guide and step so as to authenticate the account.

Another way to Authenticate your OneSpan Account Online.

  • You can use one-Time Passcode or you can as well use One-Time Password (OTP)
  • A Text with a strong verification code will be sent to the personal phone number on the available device.
  • Strong authenticator devices, ie your mobile apps like Google Authenticator (iOS and Android) or even a nice OneSpan mobile authenticator.
  • You can also use USB.

We encourage everyone to set up two-factor authentication from this guide so as to be sure no one will be able to access the account without your permission. Ever since I set up two factor authentication, also known as 2 steps verification, am sure no one can ever signing or login without me ordering the person to do so. For more information on this, go to

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