HostPapa 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

HostPapa 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your WordPress dashboard. There are tons of people looking for a way to access or take your account away from you. Only way to secure and protect Dashboard on WordPress is to set up 2 factor authentication. HostPapa 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account.

Its also known as 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. The reason it was given this name is because it comes after you are done entering both username and password. Some set of questions about you is required or needed.

Two factor authentication enables more security to your Hostpapa site. Any site or platform you hosted through HostPapa and two factor authentication is enabled, enjoy standard and quality for the rest of blogging process.

For any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device, two factor authentication will stop and hinders it from taking place. In case someone was able to guess your password and username, it wont be enough for them to access or connect to account.

Google Authenticator is platform which has really done great in lives of WordPress users. For people who hosted their website through HostPapa. Do yourself good to read up the page to get full guide on how to secure and protect account.

2-factor authentication is just a feature to improve security by asking for two types of authentication, that is your password and a code sent to the mobile device you are using. Apart from the password. You will use two-factor authentication, also known as TFA, 2FA, or two-step verification.

HostPapa is a well Canadian-based privately company. The company is owned and controlled web hosting company, they provides and offers reseller, shared and some other virtual private server (VPS) hosting. HostPapa work in places like Canada,  India, Australia , France, United States, Germany,Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, European Union,Ireland, Belgium and Spain.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on WordPress


  • You need to install WordPress authenticator plugin on your dashboard.
  • You can now install authenticator app on the mobile device you are using.
  • Link WordPress plugin to mobile device.
  • Test logging, with the use of twofactor authentication.

How to Disable Two Factor Authentication on WordPress

  1. logging with your normal information on HostPapa Dashboard.
  2. Tap on My cPanel.
  3. From the cPanel, tap on File Manager.
  4. From the File Manager directory tree, choose wp-content/plugins directory.
  5. Choose google-authenticator directory.
  6. Tap on Rename. Put a new name for directory .
  7. Tap on Rename File.
  8. Locate to WordPress log in page. Then you should view Username and Password text boxes without Google Authenticator code own. For more information on this, go to


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