Samsung 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Samsung 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security and protection to Samsung sign in. In case someone has your password or some other information about you, the person can not access your Samsung account once you set up 2 factor authentication from this step and guide.

Anytime we are looking for number security in our Samsung account, we should be looking at 2 factor authentication. It make sure an account is highly secure and protected from hackers. Once a user setup 2 factor authentication it will enable a code to be entered in order to secure account. The code will be sent either through text message or phone call on phone number.

Its also known as 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication . The reason they gave it this name is because it comes in anytime someone login or sign in to their account with normal password . For any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device , 2 factor authentication will stop and hinders it from taking place by requesting for code sent on your phone number.

Two-step verification adds standard and quality layer of security to users and customers account. To sign in or connect online, you will then need both password and a verification code from phone number, authenticator app, or even a backup codes. In case someone gets or have your password, the person can not access your account.

How 2FA Works on Samsung Account

1. You’ll be asked to put password to sign in on the account online.

You will put both your account ID and also password.

2. You’ll then be prompted to put a verification code

Samsung will send a secret code via a text message or through a notification. Anytime you are entering the code, you can select skip the verification code step, so that another time you can easily sign in so fast and quick.

Samsung is a well known and popular South Korean multinational conglomerate. The company headquarter is situated and located in Samsung Town, Seoul  Samsung comprises of different affiliated businesses in the world. In case you have any of their product and have an account , set up two factor authentication from this step and guide.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Samsung

  1. Login with your normal information on  .  Sign in account with details .
  2. Move to Settings, tap on profile image. It will show at the top right corner of the  page.
  3. Go to your  Password and security.
  4. Tap on twostep verification.
  5. Verify the phone number you used in setting it up .
  6. Immediately its verified .  Your account is already secure and protected with 2 factor authentication.

How to Turn Off Two Factor Authentication on Samsung


  • On the device you are using like your Android or tablet, go to device’s Settings app Google. Manage Google Account.
  • From the top hand side of the page, click on Security.
  • From down hand side of the page “Signing in to Google,” click on 2Step Verification. Attimes they need you to sign in.
  • Click on Turn off.
  • Last thing is to confirm it by clicking Turn off.

How to Get Verification Code on my Account

  1. From the device , locate Google Settings.
  2. From the down hand side of the page  “Services,” click on Security Security code.
  3. In case you want, put device password and choose account.
  4. You are free to view a 10-digit code.
  5. From the page of the device or samsung account, sign in, put the code. For more information on this, go to

For more information about the way to setup two factor authentication on samsung , go to

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