Indeed 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Indeed 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your Indeed login process. . In case you are Indeed employer, enable 2fa on your account for security.

There are tons of people looking for a way to make sure you did not get job through Indeed, the only way to secure and protect Indeed account is to set up 2 factor authentication from this step and guide

2-factor authentication is also called 2-steps verification or multi factor authentication. It offers and give an extra layer of security that will an account to be rigid to access.

2FA helps to secure / protect users accounts by needing a level of identity verification, more than necessarily login information about. Some set of information is required and user are meant to know it because it will be sent to them.

For anyone who wants to access or login to your Indeed account with another device, two factor authentication stops and hinders it from taking place.

Any unauthorized attempt made on account with another device, two factor authentication will seek for a code sent during time or accessing account online.

Am sure nobody wants to face with downfall of an online attack in their Indeed personal or business accounts. Those people who their account is at stake are employer or someone seeking for job through this platform.

Know any single successful attack can easily make the company to be open. Making it to be vulnerable to do all kinds of nonsense they wants.

Indeed service advises employers and job seekers to safeguard account ,In case you have an account with Indeed, please do yourself good to secure and protect account from this step and guide.

Indeed is a well known and recommended American employment-related search engine. This service works whole of the world for anyone seeking for job or employment .

In case you are seeking for part time or full time job, you are advise to have an account with Indeed for your own good.

This platform has really made over billions of people to gets work so easy and fast.  Indeed works and available in more than 60 countries, including 28 languages.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Indeed Account

  1. Signing to your Indeed account.
  2. Click on your email address from upper-right corner so as to make navigation menu to be bold.
  3. Click on Account.
  4. From the Account settings. Tap on “Activate 2-step verification.”
  5. Put SMS-capable mobile number.
  6. Tap on “Send Verification Code.”
  7. You will get get SMS code in order to  verify phone number.
  8. Put the code that was sent to number into the box displayed from the down hand side below,
  9. Tap on “Verify and Enable.”
  10. Try to connect following confirmation message on the page. It will appear at top of the screen, and “2-step verification. Know Active” will show immediately on the account settings. You are now free  sign into, am sure a code will come on your phone.
  11. Enter the whole code so as to access your account.

How to Create a New Indeed Account

  1. Click on Sign In button , it appears in the right rail.
  2. Enter in your own email and password inside the boxes on the screen.
  3. Upload resume or even build a new one via their resume builder.
  4. Check your own email inbox for a confirmation email that will be sent from Indeed (check your spam folder).
  5. Click on link inside the confirmation email so as to confirm the new Indeed account.


For more information on how to add an extra layer of security to both email and password login on, go to

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