DocuSign 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

DocuSign 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your DocuSign login process. It make to keep users account to be more secured and protected apart from Password. From this page, one will be able to setup or enable Two factor authentication on DocuSign account. DocuSign 2-Factor Authentication Set up.

Two factor authentication is also called 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. It tries to add an extra layer of security to DocuSign login way. Apart from password and email , some set of information is required in order to access DocuSign account online. It make sure that an account is highly secured and protected.

For any unauthorized attempt on DocuSign, two factor authentication will stop and hinder it from taking place by requesting for a code sent during time of authenticating the account. Without the code sent on your mobile device through TEXT SMS , you can not access or login to your DocuSign account online.

DocuSign is a known and recommended an American company. The company headquarter is situated and located in San Francisco, California USA. DocuSign tries o allows organizations in order to control or manage electronic agreements online. In terms of part of DocuSign Agreement Cloud, the company offers and gives eSignature, a platform to sign or login electronically from different devices.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on DocuSign


  • Connect or login to your normal DocuSign account:
    –Navigate to your My Preferences > Privacy & Security.
    – Move down to Two-Step Verification section and tap on MANAGE TWO-STEP VERIFICATION.
  • Just go with the onscreen prompts in order to connect or login your DocuSign to begin with the verification.
  • Check email for the verification code sent from DocuSign.
  • Put verification code on the empty field provided on the page.
  • Tap on CONFIRM.
  • My Settings page will show email address from the Verified Security Information page.
  • Tap on the Two-step verification button on the page.
  • Tap on the ADD SECURITY INFORMATION to secure a second authentication platform and setup two-step verification for the DocuSign account.
  • Tap on ADD in order to select one of three authentication platform given. DocuSign admit you enter a verified phone number on the page.
  • Follow up the necessary step to setup to verify  account.
    – Phone Number. You can get a verification code through text message or via call.

    – Authenticator App. You can as well download  and install an app from the mobile app store anytime you want to use it.  Use an Authenticator app for two factor authentication.

    – Email. You can as well enter second email address.

  • Two-step verification or two factor authentication is enabled or setup on the account and you will get a confirmation at the verified security data.

How to Login with Two Steps Verification on DocuSign

  1. With your available browser , go to DocuSign login page.
  2. Put both your email address and password.
  3. Choose on how to get the verification code.
  4. Tap on CONTINUE:
  5. Immediately you have received the code, put it in the empty space provided.
  6. Tap on CONFIRM.
  7. In case you want DocuSign to recall mobile device that you are using and to bypass two-step verification , please kindly click on Remember this device.
  8. Once you want to get code via a different verified security method, please tap on Try another way to verify identity. Its now left for you to decide the final decision.

How to set up an Authenticator App to Use With DocuSign verification

  1. Log in or connect to DocuSign account.
  2. Go to My Preferences > Privacy & Security.
  3. Move down to Two-Step Verification section.
  5. Log in or connect to DocuSign account and  fulfill verification process.
  6. Tap on Add Security Information.
  7. Click on ADD for Authenticator App.
  8. From your mobile device, open or connect authenticator app in order to follow up instructions in the Verify.
  9. Immediately you have put and confirm verification code on the page, authenticator app is entered in the Verified Security Information. Use the app to verify future logins or signing by putting the code shown in the app.

How to Use an Authenticator App for 2-step verification

  • Microsoft Authenticator (Apple App Store/Google Play/Windows Phone)
  • Google Authenticator (Apple App Store/Google Play)
  • Authy (Apple App Store/Google Play)

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