Firefox 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Firefox 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your FireFox account. Apart from your password , there are some other set of information that needs, in order to make an account to be more private. Setup or enable Two Factor authentication from this step and guide to secure both login and account.

There are tons of people who are looking for a way to access or login/sign in to Firefox account.  The only way to secure and protect your browser, is to enable two factor authentication from this step and guide. Its also called two steps verification or multi factor authentication.

2 steps verification comes in each time Firefox account user wants to connect or login to his or her firefox account online, some set of information comes in as a code is required so as to connect or login. The code will be sent during the time of authenticating account.

Firefox is seen among the best browsing machine. We have Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and some other ones. The only good thing about Firefox is that they allowed account users to secure and protect browser from external body.

In case someone wants to access or login to your Firefox account with another device or browser, two factor authentication will stop or hinders it from taking place. It will be done by asking for the code sent on your phone number during time of setting or enabling two factor authentication.

Mozilla Firefox which is commonly known as Firefox, is a known and popular free and open-source web browser platform. Firefox was developed and enacted by Mozilla Foundation  company , and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Since Firefox establishment all their users or customers are giving good account of the browser, how fast its .

The browsing machine makes use of the Gecko layout engine, so as to render and offer web pages, that implements and gives a new and anticipated web standards. Mozilla FireFox is really good for anyone who like going to internet and be getting fast result.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on FireFox

You need to download and install any of this authenticator app base on the device you are using.


Immediately you have downloaded and installed any of this authenticator app on your device.

  1. Tap on the menu button from the browser.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. From the Sync panel on the browser, tap on Manage account.
  4. You can now expand Two-step authentication  by tapping on Enable.
  5. Locate authentication app  and open the app.
  6. You can now use app to snap a photo of the QR code.
  7. Tap on Can’t Scan Code to show a code to put into the app you have downloaded and installed.
  8. Put the code generated  or created by the app into Firefox Accounts Two-step authentication section empty space.
  9. You can now install or print recovery codes and then keep it in a safe  and cool place if you want to lose connection to authentication application. Am sure its already done from this step and guide.

How to Disable or Turn off Two Factor Authentication on FireFox

  1. Put authentication code from the avialable authentication application.
  2. If you are done login, make Two-step authentication section to be wide or bold by clicking Change.
  3. Last thing is to click Disable. Am sure its already disabled or turned off.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Mozilla Firefox

  1. Locate your Firefox Accounts preferences on the page.
  2. Tap on Enable on the Twostep authentication panel.
  3. You can now scan QR code with a nice authentication app.
  4. Put in the displayed and showed security code. From this way and guide, am sure its already done.

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