Zendesk 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Zendesk 2-Factor Authentication is to add an extra layer of security to users Zendesk account sign in. There are many ways to secure and protect account apart from Password. Two factor authentication is here to make sure users account is highly secured and protected from any intruder.

In case you want to sign in or connect to Zendesk with the use of standard Zendesk authentication, you are highly advised to turn on or set up 2-factor authentication for your own good. 2-factor authentication is also known as 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication.

It will make an account very difficult for somebody else to sign in or connect as you always do anytime. Immediately you are done entering your password, you’ll  then be asked to add a 6-digit passcode. You can easily get this code as a text message (SMS) or at times it will come from a 2-factor authentication app downloaded and installed on  mobile device.

For anyone who wants to get your passcodes from 2-factor authentication app, download and install it on your mobile device before setting up 2-factor authentication in Zendesk Support.  In case you did not install the Google authenticator app, authy, duo mobile, symantec VIP , be rest assured it can not work.

2-factor authentication apps you can easily use are Symantec VIP, Google Authenticator, Authy,  and Duo Mobile. All these app  will displays and show a valid passcode on the opening screen during the time of authentication. You will receive  code within 60 seconds interval. Codes changes all the time you want to authenticate it.

For any unauthorized attempt made on the account , two factor authentication will stop and hinders it from taking place. They will make sure that no one can access the Zendesk account without having the mobile device where they will send the code to authenticate the account.

Zendesk is a well known and recommended customer service software. The company headquarter is situated and located in San Francisco, California, USA. Since it establishment all their partners are giving good account of their services.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Zendesk

  1. From the Zendesk Support agent interface account online.
  2. Click on the user icon which will appear from the upper right.
  3. Choose the View Profile Page.
  4. You can now open  up Security Settings tab.
  5. From the Enable Two-factor Authentication section side of the page.
  6. Click on Enable.
  7. It all depends on how you  really want to receive your own passcodes anytime you want to sign in, choose the Use mobile app or even the Use SMS, and you can go with step and guide in order to do it smoothly.
  8. Configuring a 2-factor authentication app
  9. Configuring text messages (SMS)

How to Disable or Turn off Two Factor Authentication on Zendesk

  1. From Zendesk Support agent interface.
  2. Click on the user icon from the upper right hand side of the page.
  3. Select View Profile Page.
  4. Choose security Settings tab.
  5. Click on Edit from Two-factor Authentication section.
  6. Click on link from the lower side of screen so as to turn off 2-factor authentication. Am sure its already done. It is not effective or at work on the account.

For more information on this , kindly go to https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206373587-Using-2-factor-authentication

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