1Password 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

1Password 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your Ipassword sign in. There are many ways to secure and protect account online, but two factor authentication is only recommended way to add an extra layer of security and protection to Ipassword sign in process.

Two factor authentication is also called 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. It comes in anytime you want to access or connect online , some set of information is required and needed. These information comes as a code. The code will be sent through an authentication platform you are using, either Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator , Yuikey, SMS Message etc.

2-factor authentication is seen and known as an extra layer of security to any account like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, 1Password account. Anytime you turned it on, an additional factor will be needed in order to sign in to various account online on. In combination to both Master Password and Secret Key.

1Password is a known and popular password manager. The service is been developed and enacted by AgileBits Inc. They really provides and offers a place for users to store different type of passwords, software licenses, and any vital data/information in a virtual vault , which is highly secured with a PBKDF2-guarded master password.

How to Get an Authenticator App

Before anyone can use or set up two-factor authentication with 1Password, the person needs to download and install an authenticator app.

How to Set up Two Factor Authentication on 1password

  1. Sign in or connect to  1Password account online.
  2. Click on name from the top right.
  3.  Select your My Profile.
  4. Tap on More Actions > Manage Two-Factor Authentication.
  5. Tap on Set Up App. You’ll see a square barcode (QR code).

    Know that you can save a backup of two-factor authentication code, either dotted down 16-character secret close to QR code and it will saved anyplace safe, like your passport and Emergency Kit.

  6. From your mobile device, go to authenticator app and you can now use it in order to scan QR code. Anytime you scan QR code, you’ll then see a six-digit authentication passcode.
  7. Go to 1Password.com.
  8. Tap on Next button on the page.
  9. Enter six-digit authentication passcode on the empty space.
  10. Click on Confirm.

How to Sign in In case You Lose Access to Authenticator App

In case you lose access or sign in to authenticator app, you can not sign in to 1Password from a new devices until such account turn off two-factor authentication.

To turn off or disable two-factor authentication, sign in or connect to account on 1Password.com in any authorized device or even unlock 1Password.

  1. Click on the name from the top right.
  2. Select on My Profile.
  3. Click on More Actions > Manage Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Click  on Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication.
  5. Add Master Password.

Am sure from this step and guide, one can be able to setup or sign in to account. More information on this, kindly go to https://support.1password.com/two-factor-authentication/

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