Kahoot 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Kahoot 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your Kahoot Account. It makes sure its only users or students in your own classroom can access or play the video game online. In case you have an account with Kahoot, better secure and protect account with Kahoot 2 steps login.

For anyone who have an account with Kahoot or wants to join this gaming platform ,needs to secure and make sure the account is only signing by people within classroom or people who are meant to play this video game online.

Any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device, two factor authentication will stop and hinders it from taking place. They will ask some set of information in order to access or login to Kahoot account online. Those information will be sent during time of authenticating the account.

Its called 2 steps verification or mutifactor authentication. This name was given to two factor authentication because it comes anytime you want to login online, some set of information is required and those information will be sent on your phone number, either TEXT SMS or Phone Call.

At Kahoot!, the company knows it’s highly vital that kahoots you play stay within your available classroom. To make sure this really happens,they know have to released a ‘2 Step Join’ game option for their game lovers. It will add an extra step to joining or connecting a kahoot, which helps to protect and secure game to only players in their various classroom.

Kahoot! is a known and recommended game-based learning service, Kahoot used as educational technology for different academics schools and some other educational organization. Its seen as learning games. You can easily download and install Kahoot app or access it with your browser anytime.

How to Set up Two Factor Authentication on Kahoot

1) Get your kahoot you want to launch, and click on ‘Play’ button
2) Anytime you get to the lobby screen, move down to open or see ‘Game Options’
3) Toggle on the ‘Enable 2 Step Join’ – try to know that ‘2 Step Join’ can only be set up with Classic Mode.
4) Click on ‘Classic Mode’ button
5) Your own personal players will now join kahoot by locating kahoot.it on any devices available, and adding Game PIN and also nickname as you normally do.
6) Players will need to add tile Pattern on their mobile devices to join or login the game. The normal Pattern always changes within 7 seconds, for more extra security.
7) You can now play kahoot! For more information on this, kindly go to https://kahoot.com/blog/2017/02/08/use-2-step-join-option-secure-game/

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