SendGrid 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

SendGrid 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer security and protect to SendGrid account. SendGrid 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account.

Apart from your normal username and password , some set of information is required in order to access or login to SendGride once this authentication is enabled. Those information will be sent as a code during time of authentication.

Its called 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication . The reason for giving this name to it is because , it comes each time you want to login online , some set of information is required.

For any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device , two factor authentication will stop and hinder it from taking place by requesting code sent on your mobile device.

Two-factor authentication or 2fa really allows users to make SendGrid account to be extremely secure and protected by needing an authentication more than a simple username and password each time you want to logging in.

Twilio SendGrid’s 2fa can be configured or set to accept a code that will be sent to mobile phone as Authy App, or even as an SMS message. It will set up or enable 2FA does not need an Authy account, in case you have one for instance, you will then be able to use neither Authy App nor SMS messages.

Anytime you want to set up two-factor authentication, try to make sure you have access to your normal account email address. Also you can easily do this by going to Account Details and showing  email address which is down the Account  side > Personal Info.

In case you need to update on your email address, click on pencil icon so as to update an email address login, send a strong confirmation email, and go to your normal inbox so as to confirm email address by clicking on link inside the email address that will change confirmation email.

Immediately connection is confirmed to account email address, then you can choose from 2  different set of verification platform each time you want to make use of two-factor authentication:

  1. Generate or create a strong verification code with an Authy App.
  2. Enter the strong code sent to on your normal mobile phone as it was generated by SendGrid.

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication SendGrid


  1. Go to Settings side .
  2. Click onTwo-Factor Authentication.
    You will then see a view of  Two-Factor Authentication settings, with settings that you have generated for information users.
  3. Click on the Add Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Choose either Authy App or text messages (SMS) as means of authentication.
  5. Enter country code and phone number.

Am sure from this step and guide , its done . You can also disable or delete 2fa in case you are not interested in it.

How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication SendGrid

  1. Go to Settings .
  2. Click on Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Get the setting that you will like to delete.
  4. Click on  action menu side of the page.
  5. Select Delete.
  6. Enter  7 digit code that you got via text or Authy app inside empty field.
  7. Click on Delete.

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