SAP 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

SAP 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your SAP Account online. This page you will lead through on how to setup and log on two factor authentication on SAP.

Its called 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. This name is given to it because it comes in each time you want to login online , some set of information is required.

A passcode will be sent on your phone number during time of authenticating account. Without the code no one will be able to access or login to your account online with another device.

For any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device , two factor authentication will stop and hinder it from taking place. They will ask for the code sent during time of authentication.

This piece of information will carry you on how two-factor authentication  works or how to log on in case you are asked to get a passcode or security key for an extra primary details.

Based on  configurations or setup for an application, you can now easily asked to get a time-based, one time (TOTP) passcode, created on a phone number , code sent through SMS, or PIN security key created on a hardware device.

How to Authenticate with TOTP 2-Factor Authentication

TOTP code is seen as a known time-based and also valid for each time logon attempt only, thus getting additional security to  common static passwords.

A Passcodes are created by an authenticator application. Authenticator is a known and recommended mobile application you need to download and install inside your mobile devices.

The configurations or setup in this steps are for SAP Authenticator application. You can now easily  use third-party authenticators that is use of Google Authenticator or even Microsoft Authenticator.

More information on how to download and install , setup or configure authenticators other than SAP Authenticator see documentation.

To log on each time your application needs TOTP two-factor authentication, first you should get your full information, then get passcode generated from the mobile device.

In case you don’t have a located mobile device, activated for 2fa, see more here Activate a Device for TOTP Two-Factor Authentication.

How to Authenticate with SMS 2-Factor Authentication

The SMS known codes will be sent at the phone number you inserted.

To log on each time application needs an SMS two-factor authentication, you will get a primary information, get a passcode you received through SMS.

How to Authenticate with Web Two-Factor Authentication

To log on anytime your application needs a web two-factor authentication, first thing to do is to get important information , get PIN code on your own security key hardware USB authenticator. But if you don’t have a known security key , then register it first.

Am sure from this step and guide  , you can now authenticate your SAP account. For more information on this , kindly go to

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