How to Setup 2-Factor Authentication on all your Online Accounts

How to Setup 2-Factor Authentication on all your Online Accounts is what we are here to talk about. Over the years , most online account users have been complaining on how outsiders access or login to their account. 2-factor authentication is here to add an extra layer of security to account.

Its called 2 factor authentication , 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. Reason for giving this name to it is because it comes in each time you want to login , some set of information is required.

A code will be sent as the authentication code. This code will come either as TEXT MESSAGE or CALL. Its left for you to decide on how to get the code on your mobile device.

They have many ways to authentication account online , either through Authenticator App and so.

All social media really advises it users to secure and protect account with 2fa. Including some banks in the world. It will make sure your account is secured and protected apart from your normal password.

Authenticator apps are really seen to be more secure than your normal texting; They offer and give flexibility anytime you are going to a place without a strong cellular service. AuthyGoogle AuthenticatorMicrosoft Authenticator, or HDE OTP (iOS only) are Authenticator apps.

These apps are mostly been lead by the same way when enter a new account: from there , you are advise to scan a QR code close with your own account, and it will be saved inside the app.

Next time you access to your own service or app, it will demand for a numerical passcode; kindly open up authenticator app to get randomly generated code required to get pass security.

How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Google

This include all the google services like Gmail email , Google classroom , etc.

  1. Open up your own Google Account.
  2. From the navigation panel side, select the Security.
  3. From the down hand side of “Signing in to Google,” choose  2-Step Verification. You have Begin.
  4. Follow the  steps and guide.

How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Yahoo

  1. Connect and move to Account security page.
  2. Close to your “Two-step verification,” click on Toggle button to turn it on .
  3. Enter your normal mobile number.
  4. Click on Send SMS or Call me so as to get a verification code.
  5. Enter verification code, click on Verify.

How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Facebook

  1.  Login to your facebook account online.
  2.  Move to your Security and get to Settings.
  3.  Move down to the Use two-factor authentication and click on the Edit.
  4.  Select security method you want to enter and follow steps and guide.


How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Instagram


  1. Click profile picture from the bottom right to go to profile.
  2. Click inside top right, click on  Settings.
  3. Click on Security , move down the page and click  Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Click next to Authentication App, tap on the Set Up Manually.


How to Setup 2 factor Authentication on Twitter

  1. Login to your Twitter account online.
  2. From the top menu side ,  click on your profile icon.
  3. Click on Settings and privacy.
  4. Tap on Account,  tap  on Security. Tap the Two-factor authentication. There are two different ways to decide from: Text message or Authentication app. Follow up the Authenticator app above to authenticate account.


How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Whatsapp

  1. Open  WhatsApp app  on the phone.
  2. Click the three dots from upper-right corner.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Click on Account.
  5. Click on Two-step verification.
  6. Click on Enable.
  7. Enter your main custom PIN. …
  8. Re-enter your custom PIN. Follow up the step and guide to authenticate account.


How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Amazon

  1. Login to your Amazon Account online
  2. Move to Advanced Security Settings.
  3. Tap on Get Started in order to setup Two-Step Verification.
  4. Add the main primary phone number (you will use the mobile phone to receive SMS messages) or download/install and configure an authenticator app and click on Send code.


How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Apple

  1. Move to your Settings > [your name] > Password & Security.
  2. Click on Turn On Two-Factor Authentication.
  3. Click on Continue button. Am sure its done


How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Snapchat

 You need to begin by setting up Snapchat app.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on Snapchat
  1. Tap ⚙️ inside the My Profile to open or connect to Settings.
  2. Click on ‘Two-Factor Authentication
  3. Click on ‘Continue’ to round up setting it up!


How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on Microsoft

  1. Go to Security on the page.
  2. Connect with your normal Microsoft account.
  3. Choose the More security options.
  4. From the down hand side of Two-step verification, select Set up two-step verification so as to turn it on, or select Turn off two-step verification.


How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication on PayPal

  1. Move to profile on your account online
  2. Click “Security” and edit box close to “Security Key”
  3. Click on the “Get security key”
  4. Enter  mobile number
  5. Download free VIP Access app.
  6. Open your normal VIP Access app.
  7. Click  on “Activate your security key

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