GMX 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

GMX 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to GMX email service. Apart from your login credential , some set of information is required anytime you setup 2-factor authentication on your accounts online.

This mostly comes in each time you want to login with another device , not the normal device or browser you use to login or connect.

A code is required anytime an account is authenticated , the code will be sent inside the phone number that was to authenticate account.

Two factor authentication is also called 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. For any unauthorized attempt made on account , two factor authentication will stop and hinders it from taking place.

GMX is seen among the email or mail service to use. In order to enjoy and make sure your account is highly secured and protected , try to apply or enable 2fa from this step and guide.

2fa is a nice and strongest tool that hackers can hardly penetrate. Once the account is enable with 2fa be rest assured no one will be able to access account without having the phone number that was used to setup 2fa.

GMX Mail is seen as a free advertising-supported mail service. GMX is provided by a known GMX (Global Mail eXchange, in Germany: Global Message eXchange).

Users can send and receive messages and more from GMX. Users can access GMX Mail  through webmail also through POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.

Tons of email services uses 2FA , like Gmail , Protonmail , Zoho , and many more. Do yourself good to setup 2fa from this step and guide.

How to Setup 2-Factor Authentication on GMX


  • Login to your GMX account
  • Go to tab “Start” from the left menu column side, “security” and  “Two-factor-authentication”.
  • Setup wizard will  now open. Click “start setup”. Inside the next screen, enter password for your E-Mail address.
  • Click on “start Now”.
  • From the next step, verify mobile number. In case you dont have no mobile phone number in Account, enter it inside the corresponding field.
  • Click on  “SMS request”. You will get a confirmation code which you  will enter in the corresponding field.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Authenticator App is used. So as to scan the displayed QR-Code. App shows you a six-digit Code which you will enter at GMX.
  • Click on “Next”.
  •  A secret key will come in ,  With this, you can connect it if any emergency at any time to inside your  mailbox.
  • Keep these a secret key in a secure and safe place.  or downloaded it as a PDF and print it.
  • Next step, you will be asked to verify personal information .
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Click  on “activate Now”.
  • GMX is now protected with Two-factor authentication.

Am sure its done. For any comments or questions , use an empty box down the page for a quick reply from us. Thanks!

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