Nvidia 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Nvidia 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your Signing process to Nvidia Account online. Enable 2fa from here.

In case you have an account with Nvidia , better enable or set up 2 factor authentication from this step and guide. It will make an account to be more authenticate.

Two factor authentication is also called 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. Some call it N factor authentication. The main reason for calling it this name is because it comes in each time you want to signing account , some set of information is required.

For any unauthorized attempt made on the account with another device , two factor authentication will stop and hinder it from taking place.

They will ask for the six digit code sent by the authenticator app during the time of authenticating and securing account. Without the code , your account can not be access by another device or browser.

A passcode will be sent inside the phone number that was used to setup an account online. Two factor authentication is really good because it make sure that all users account are highly secured and protected.

This page will take you on how to setup and enable two factor authentication on Nvidia account. Incase you are having problem while setting 2fa account , be rest assured this page will lead you through on it.

How to Setup 2 factor authentication on Nvidia

1. Download and install an authenticator application in case you do not anyone. They are for free for use. NVIDIA does not endorse any kind of particular application for 2fa. Some applications

  1. Google Authenticator (iOS, Android)
  2. Microsoft authenticator (iOS, Android)
  3. Winauth (Windows)
  4. Authy (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  5. Yubico Authenticator (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux)

2. Follow prompts inside the app when setting up a passcode.
3. Scan QR Code or enter key into your own application.
4. When application is set up enter the known and the displayed code each time its prompted to verify you’ve set it up.
5. Enter 6-digit code when prompted so as to verify your own account.


How to Set up Security Key

1. You need to get a security key in case you do not already have anyone available. Any key supporting or adding to WebAuthn, FIDO2, or U2F please atleast should work.
NVIDIA does not specify any particular manufacturer. Some good security keys:

  1. Yubico Yubikey
  2. Google Titan Key

2. Try to make sure that you’re using a current and good version of a modern web browser which supports WebAuthn protocol. In case your own browser does not support this kind of protocol, this authentication option will automatically not be available. Some applications may as well not support these devices.

Am sure from this step and guide , your Nvidia account is highly secured and protected from anyone who wants to access or login to users account without user consent .

For more information on this , kindly go to https://login.nvgs.nvidia.com/v1/help/nfactor

Any comments or questions , use an empty box down the page for a quick reply from us. Thanks!


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