Bitwarden 2-Factor Authentication Set up – Protect & Secure Account

Bitwarden 2-Factor Authentication Set up is to add an extra layer of security to your Bitwarden account online.  Learn how to secure Bitwarden account with 2fa.

Two factor authentication is also called 2 steps verification or multi factor authentication. The main reason for giving this name to it is because it comes in each time you want to login , a password is needed to access account with another device or browser.

A passcode will be sent inside phone number you used to authenticate account. Without phone number and passcode sent , you can not access account with another device or browser.

For any unauthorized attempt made on account with another device , two factor authentication will stop and hinders it from taking place.

Ensure two factor authentication from this step and guide , in order to enjoy quality security to your online account with Bitwarden.

Bitwarden is a known and  free , open-source password management platform. Bitwarden stores sensitive information or data like a website credentials in strong encrypted vault.

The Bitwarden Authenticator is known and popular alternative solution to a strong dedicated authentication apps such as Authy, which users can be able to use so as to verify identity for websites and apps which uses Two-step Login.

Bitwarden Authenticator creates a 6-digit Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTPs) with the use of SHA-1 and rotates each of them in every 30 seconds.

How to Generate TOTP Codes

Each site which supports TOTPs or even Two-factor Authentication (2FA) with the use of an authenticator handles setup differently. Start setup from the necessarily individual website you are connecting.

In Bitwarden, you can as well create TOTPs with the use of two different platform:

How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on Bitwarden

Scan a QR Code

Finish up the necessarily steps to setup Bitwarden Authenticator from iOS or Android app:

  1. Edit Vault item that you want to generate TOTPs.
  2. Click on the camera icon inside Authenticator Key (TOTP) empty field.
  3. Scan QR code .
  4. Cick on Save to begin generating TOTPs.

Immediately you setup it, Bitwarden Authenticator will now generate 6-digit TOTPs in every 30 seconds, which one can be able to use as a secondary way for Two-step Login.

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