Easy steps to enable Whatsapp Biometric Authentication for iPhone

Do you want to know how you can enable Whatsapp biometric authentication for iPhone? This process is actually easy and basic, and you can do this in little to no time at all. It is important that to do this properly, you have to go through the steps enumerated in this article.

Through this article, we shall be showing you how you can add an extra, un-bypassable level of security around your Whatsapp account. It is no secret that most users have become really prone to cyber attacks from malicious users of the same platform.

This article will show you how you can enable Whatsapp biometric authentication for your iPhone to allow you to exercise a different level of control that is required for your Whatsapp account on your iPhone. Take the necessary steps to effect this.

How to enable whatsapp biometric authentication for iphone

For you to be able to enable Whatsapp biometric authentication for iPhone, kindly go through the steps that would be listed below and carry it out in no time. The recent updates can allow you to also use face ID or others to unlock your Whatsapp account. The steps involved here include:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click or tap on Account
  • The, tap on Privacy
  • After that, tap on Screen Lock
  • This option will show you an option to choose either face ID or Touch ID, which will successfully enable you to lock down your whatsapp account
  • Then, you will be required to choose whther or not you wish for it to be activated immediately, or after a 15 minute interval or an hour.

Some might wonder whether or not this is also available for android users, as most android phones with advanced software and physical features now allow you to carry out face ID and Touch ID (even voice ID) options.

The truth of the matter is that this feature is only available for iOS devices, that is to say, it is not yet available for android users or devices. There are speculations that in no distant time, the option or feature will be available for android users.

However, until this is made available, android users can utilize two-factor authentication which is available for all Whatsapp users, and secure their account. Download Whatsapp and experience this.

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